The state of employee engagement, much like one's physical and mental health, is constantly changing and cannot be accurately captured through annual evaluations.

Like pulse testing, diagnosing engagement at a frequency of every 1~4 months (3~12 times a year) allows for timely assessment of the ever-evolving situation among employees, regardless of their location or region.

By implementing measures at the necessary moments for all employees, we can effectively address their needs and concerns.

8 key features
TarckrecordExtensive expertise in engagement management globally
MultilingualSupport for major languages and all Asian local languages
BenchmarkingVisualize your global positioning by deviation values
Speed  Providing results within 5 business days
Low PriceOne fraction of the cost of global vendors' survey
Flexibility Accommodate department or team-level surveys
Issue-find   Extract underlying root issues unseen in the surface
Seamless TransitionEnsure continuity/consistency with existing survey
Engagement Diagnostic Report

For each survey, we provide an "Engagement Analytic Report" that includes the following:

  • Overall Summary & Key Findings
  • Engagement Scores (Overall, by entity, by country/region, etc)
  • Engagement Deviation Scores
  • List of Noteworthy Findings
  • List of Key Issues
Key Achievements

We have a strong track record of conducting engagement diagnostics for multiple listed companies and global corporations.

Utilizing these results, we have provided extensive actions ranging from the revitalization of HR systems and operations, as well as individualized assistance in key personnel retention.

Implementation Steps
  • Select target entities, countries/regions, hierarchical levels, etc.
  • Design evaluation criteria and contents through discussions, hypotheses, including customization from our questionnaire template
  • Distribute to audience
  • Collect and analyze survey responses
  • Extract key findings and issues
  • Report
  • Plan actions addressing the identified findings & issues

The cost is calculated based on five factors.

  1. Base fee
  2. Number of participants
  3. Customization of questions
  4. Number of languages used in survey
  5. Number of languages used in reports

1. Base Fee

 Fixed at 2 million JPY

2. Variable fee based on "Number of participants"

Number of ParticipantsUnit price par person
Up to 1001500 JPY/person
101~10001200 JPY/person
1001~50001000 JPY/person
Above 5000950 JPY/person

3. Variable fee based on "Customization of questions"

Customization of questionsAdditional
No change from our questionnaire templatenone
Customize0.2 million JPY (initial)

4. Variable fee based on "Number of languages used in survey"

Number of languages used in surveyAdditional
Japanese or English onlynone
Japanese and English0.2 million JPY
More languages0.3 million JPY/additional language

5. Variable fee based on "Number of languages used in reports"

Number of languages used in reportsAdditional
Japanese onlynone
English only0.2 million JPY
Japanese and English0.5 million JPY

Ex. If the survey is conducted targeting 1,000 participants using our questionnaire template without changings in both Japanese and English, and reporting is provided only in Japanese, the price is calculated as below.

2 million + (1500 JPY × 100 + 1200 JPY ×900) + 0 + 0.2 million +0
 = 3,430,000 JPY

The above prices are all excluding tax. Additional consumption tax or other applicable taxes will be charged based on the country of payment (in the case of Japan, a 10% consumption tax will be applied).


    We recognize the importance of appropriately protecting our customers' personal information, including individual identification numbers (referred to as "specific personal information" below). We handle such information with the utmost care. The personal information and specific personal information provided by our customers will be appropriately protected in accordance with our privacy policy.