Brightz Partners is a global firm of professionals specializing in strategies, organizational development, talent management, HR, and digital technology including AI.
Our team comprises professionals with backgrounds in global strategy consulting firms, international HR consulting firms, Big4 accounting firms, and ministries.

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Service Lineup

1. Talent Portfolio

Visualizing talent as a portfolio enables optimizing a company-wide talent allocation.

2. Talent Management

Well-designed talent management can optimize executions of strategies and stability of business operation.

3. Reference Check

Insufficient supporting information on candidates can often lead to unexpected situations later on.

4. Outplacement & Pre-PIP

The success of outplacement and Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) depends on the structure and process.

1. Job Scoring (Grading)

Score the weight and nature of job allows for fair selection, rewarding and placement aligned with their market value.

* Transition from existing grading systems is also available.

2. HR System Restructuring

Grading, evaluation, and reward systems need to be updated to adapt to strategies and environmental changes.

3. Senior Talent Management

A well-established system and operation for senior talent management are necessary in this aging society.

1. HR Strategy

HR strategy encompasses the future of your organization, HR, and corporate culture.

2. Human capital Disclosure

Elaborate planning is necessary for disclosure and dialogue to meet investors' interests.

1. Engagement Diagnosis

Engagement holds various insights and hints which address future HR strategies and organizational structure.

See Pulse Engagement Assessment

2. Managerial Assessment

Identifying the managerial qualities of managers, and extract directions to develop is prerequisite to nurture pipelines.

3. Cross-cultural Management

Understand the underlying sources of thinking and behavior, and implement specific measures for acceptance, integration, and resolution.

Global/Regional Outreach

Brightz Partners prides ourselves on our strength in the global market, especially within the Southeast Asian region. Our team of consultants is well-versed in both the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets, systems, customs, and values.

Leveraging this expertise, we provide one-stop services that reflect the perspectives of not only local subsidiaries in each country but also the HQ and regional HQ. We offer highly specialized support ranging from strategic planning to execution, all under one roof.


Here are major latest trackrecords by our main members.

  • Updating grading, evaluation, and rewards system nurturing competitiveness [TSE Prime | Food]
  • Establishment of succession plans for management considering generational transitions [TSE Prime | IT]
  • Installation of post-acquisition management structures, and integration of diverse cultures [TSE Prime | Food]
  • Review of group governance, and development of executive training models [TSE Prime | Electronics]
  • Updating evaluation& reward system [TSE Prime | Electronics]
  • Updating HR department functions [TSE Prime | Chemical]
  • Reorganizing group headquarters, and Culture assessment for integration [TSE Prime | Finance]
  • Transforming talent management system [TSE Prime | Finance]
  • Installing CXO assessment & talent management system [TSE Prime | Finance]
  • Succession planning and talent management [TSE Prime | Pharmaceutical]
  • Assessment & organizational restructuring for digital transformation (DX) [TSE Prime | Food]
  • Developing talent reallocation strategies from existing businesses to new ventures [TSE Prime | IT]
  • Revision of HR system for young talent pool [TSE Standard | IT]

[Global / Regional]

  • Developing cross-regional HR strategy
    [Singapore | Various industries]
  • Development of a cross-regional HR management system and monitoring framework
    [Singapore | Various industries]
  • Cross-regional Employee engagement surveys, and planning of improvement measures
    [Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. | Various industries]
  • Reorganizing management structure, selection & assessment of pipelines at acquired companies (PMI)
    [Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. | Various industries]
  • Updating performance appraisal systems, and developing operation
    [Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. | Consumer goods]

Vision, Mission, Value


Unleash Your Potential
Our driving force is the desire to create a world where everyone can fully unleash their potential and shine


Steady Progress & Transformations to Your Aspiration
Our mission is to support the realization of strong aspirations, from steady progress to significant transformations.


- Five steps ahead | We foresee a world that is steps ahead of the present
- No compromise | We never compromise when it comes to creating value.
- Face harsh reality | We do not turn away from harsh realities.
- Constructive criticism | We challenge established concepts
- With excitement | We approach tasks with enthusiasm.
- Sustainable society | We contribute to a sustainable society through our service