Using digital technologies such as generation AI like ChatGPT, Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and more, we support the advancement and efficiency of HR functions including CoE, HRBP, and HRSS.

Use case

Drawing from three areas of expertise: 'Organizational & HR', 'Digital Technology', and 'Business & Strategy', we provide the best solutions combining both digital and analog methods to address challenges.

1. Cases in CoE (Center of Excellence)
case) Engagement case) Engagement
- Automated analysis of operational communication content.
- Automatic assessment of engagement status
- Employee and post evaluation & matching.
- Assessment of affinity based on skills and experience.
> Real-time comprehension of engagement
> Detection of improvement areas and risks in operations
> Enhancement of engagement
> Up to 80% reduction in evaluation time
> Optimization of employee and post alignment
> Improved satisfaction and retention rates
> Up to 70% reduction in deliberation time
2. Cases in HRBP (Human Resources Business Partner)
case) Evaluation in Recruitmentcase) HR Evaluation
- Automated evaluation & screening of resume information- Analysis of behavior & performance
- Automation of primary evaluations
> Automatic analysis and reporting of applicant tendencies
> Improved accuracy and consistency in screening
> Reduction in variability among evaluators for consistency
> Up to 70% reduction in reading time
> Reduction in evaluator variability
> Ensuring consistency and fairness in evaluations
> Up to 50% reduction in turnover rate among top performers
> Up to 60% reduction in time required for primary evaluations
3. Cases in HRSS (Human Resources Shared Services)
case) Labor Management #1case) Labor Management #2
- Dashboarding of data related to applications & processing
- Automatic report generation
- Automated search & summarization of labor-related regulations and past internal measures
> Ensuring comprehensive responses
> Efficient centralized management
> Up to 70% reduction in preparation time
> Summarized search results into reports
> Up to 70% reduction in preparation time

4 Key points
1. Pursuit of Results

Customers expect actual 'problem-solving' outcomes, not just seemingly appropriate 'digital solutions'. We accompany you through the journey from goal setting to strategy, design, and planning.

2. Thorough Consideration of 'How is is used on-site?

There are countless examples of tools not being utilized effectively in real-world settings. We focus on designing solutions with on-site usage in mind from the early stages.

3. Valuing Dialogue: Thinking and Creating Together

The best understanding of business and on-site practices comes from our customers. Through dialogues, we refine goals, combine expertise and know-how to provide valuable solutions.

4. Not Necessarily 'Digital Tech First'

Digital technology isn't always the answer. Even if technically feasible, we may recommend against adopting a digital solution if cost-effectiveness can't be validated.


We boast a rich track record of supporting numerous domestic companies, from designing basic policies to hands-on support through implementation.


We adopt the following seven steps for implementation.

  • Formulation of basic policies, identification & understanding of challenges.
  • Design of solution structure.
  • Assessment of the applicability of digital technologies.
  • Identification of specific digital technologies & methods.
  • Establishment of data acquisition & organization systems.
  • Model development, PoC (trial and error), and re-planning.
  • Accompaniment through implementation and launch.

    We recognize the importance of appropriately protecting our customers' personal information, including individual identification numbers (referred to as "specific personal information" below). We handle such information with the utmost care. The personal information and specific personal information provided by our customers will be appropriately protected in accordance with our privacy policy.